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Who Are You???

May 28, 2010 in Social Media Tips

Last month, I had the opportunity to co-present on the basics of social media with Michael Nicholson of MDN Graphics. We offered some definitions of common words used in social media and even gave start-up tips on using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs for business. One of the simple but probably most overlooked things we talked about was the importance having a picture of  yourself or your company logo on your profile.

Think about it. It’s the morning after you’ve attended a networking event and you’re trying to connect with all of your new contacts on various social networks. There’s nothing worse than seeing that famous Facebook silhouette and on top of that, they have a common name like John Smith. Simply put, just upload an image…a logo…something that let’s people know it’s you! (The next post will probably be about using discretion in image selection… :0)

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